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New Zealand announces new coalition govt

New Zealand announces new coalition govt
  • On Friday, three political parties in New Zealand revealed the composition of their new coalition government following weeks of negotiations.
  • National Party leader and incoming Prime Minister, Christopher Luxon, expressed confidence that the alliance with ACT New Zealand party and New Zealand First party would establish a stable and effective government that caters to the needs of all New Zealanders. Luxon made this statement during the signing ceremony held at Parliament.
  • As part of the coalition agreement, Winston Peters, leader of NZ First, will serve as Deputy Prime Minister for the initial half of the three-year parliamentary term. Subsequently, ACT's leader, David Seymour, will assume the position for the latter half. According to reports from Xinhua news agency, Peters will take on the role of foreign minister, while Seymour will be responsible for regulating and assessing the quality of new and existing regulations.
  • The cabinet, consisting of 20 members, will comprise 14 National ministers, three ACT ministers, and three NZ First ministers. National's Nicola Willis is set to be the finance minister.
  • The swearing-in ceremony for the new government is scheduled for November 27.
  • Luxon, optimistic about the future under the new government despite economic challenges, highlighted key priorities. He emphasized the commitment to alleviate the cost of living, provide tax relief, restore law and order, and enhance public services.
  • Following the general election on October 14, where the National Party emerged victorious, the Labor Party, which had been in office for six years, stepped down. Given the absence of a clear majority, the formation of the new government hinged on interparty negotiations, reflecting the use of the Mixed Member Proportional voting system in New Zealand's parliamentary elections. This system typically results in the formation of a government involving two or more political parties.

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Published date : 24 Nov 2023 04:18PM

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