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Mohammad Mokhber, Iran’s Acting President announced

Mohammad Mokhber, Iran’s Acting President announced
  • On May 19, 2024, following the tragic death of President Ebrahim Raisi in a helicopter crash, Mokhber assumed the role of Acting President of Iran. His position was confirmed by Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei on May 20, 2024, until new presidential elections are held.
  • As the first vice president, Mokhber is constitutionally empowered to assume the powers and functions of the President upon the latter’s death, with the approval of the Supreme Leader. A Temporary Presidential Council, comprising the Speaker of the Assembly, the Head of the Judiciary, and the First Vice President, is formed to organize a new election within 50 days.
  • Mohammad Mokhber, born on June 26, 1955, in Dezful, Iran, is a prominent figure in Iranian politics. He holds two doctoral degrees, one in international law and another in management, along with a master’s degree in management

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Published date : 22 May 2024 10:48AM

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