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Telangana Formation Day (02 June) is being celebrated

Telangana Formation Day (02 June) is being celebrated
Telangana Formation Day (02 June) is being celebrated
  • Telangana Day, also known as Telangana Formation Day, is celebrated on June 2 every year. Being observed since 2014, when Telangana was carved out of erstwhile unified Andhra Pradesh, today marks the 9th Telangana Formation Day.
  • Telangana was India's 29th state when it was founded, but after Jammu and Kashmir was designated as a UT in 2019, the country's youngest state became the 28th state. Telangana Formation Day is observed with great pomp and fervor throughout the state. The day is a public holiday in Telangana and is observed by a range of events and cultural activities organized by both government and private organizations around the state.
  • Kalvakuntla Chandrashekar Rao was elected as the first chief minister of Telangana.
  • Every year, various programs and events are organized by the state government to celebrate Telangana Formation Day.
  • The roots of the Telangana movement to make it a separate state can be traced back to 1955 when the States Reorganisation Commission's recommendation to keep Hyderabad as a separate state was ignored.
  • Significance: Because of the long-running Telangana movement, the day is noteworthy in the state's history. Telangana was approximately 50 years in the making until it was finally recognized as a separate state. This day, June 2, commemorates the Telangana movement's achievement in forcing Andhra Pradesh's bifurcation. This not only gave the people of the region a distinct identity but also changed India's map.

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Published date : 02 Jun 2022 02:47PM

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