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World Autism Awareness Day: April 2nd

World Autism Awareness Day
World Autism Awareness Day

Empowering Autistic Voices is the theme for World Autism Awareness Day 2024, held annually on April 2nd. This day aims to raise awareness and support for people with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

Impact of Autism in India
Around 18 million people in India are estimated to have autism.
Between 1-1.5% of children aged 2-9 years old are diagnosed with autism.
Boys are more likely to be diagnosed with autism than girls.

About World Autism Awareness Day
Established by the United Nations in 2007.
Goal: Increase public awareness, acceptance, and empowerment of individuals with autism.

ASD Characteristics
Affects social interaction, communication, and behavior.
Possible causes include premature birth, pollution, and genetics.
Early signs include lack of response, avoiding eye contact, and repeated movements.
Therapies and medications can help manage symptoms.

Published date : 02 Apr 2024 08:00PM

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