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AP Government 2021–22 Jobs Calendar; Check jobs to be recruited!!

Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS Jaganmohan Reddy, who has created 6,03,756 government jobs in the last two years in a way that no one else in the country has done, has recently decided to recruit 10,143 government jobs.
The YSRCP Govt. will fulfill the promise given in the manifesto and fill the vacant posts in various government departments in line with the aspirations of the unemployed youth. Job calendar will be released on June 18. Fulfilling every single promise given in the election manifesto, the CM is taking steps to recruit more jobs to help the unemployed. Notifications for posts scheduled for recruitment in 2021–22 will be issued from July. The government will give top priority to the recruitment of posts in the education, medical and police departments. Notifications will be issued by APPSC, Police Recruitment Board, DSC and other recruitment agencies. Jobs will be recruited on the basis of merit, transparency, non-corruption and non-discrimination.

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Interviews canceled for all exams including Group-1, Group-2:
The Chief Minister has decided to maintain government posts in a highly transparent manner free from any corruption, irregularities or bribery. They are embarking on revolutionary activities. It was decided to cancel the interviews in the recruitment of all jobs including Group? – 1 and Group? – 2. These jobs will be filled on the basis of merit achieved by the candidates in the written tests. A revolutionary approach will be devised in collaboration with IITs and IIMs for conducting examinations.

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Chief Minister YS Jaganmohan Reddy has recruited 6,03,756 posts in the state from 2019 to date in a manner that no other government has done anywhere in the history of the country. This includes 1,84,264 regular posts, 19,701 contract posts and 3,99,791 outsourced posts. YS Jagan is credited with filling so many posts in just two years of coming to power.

Jobs that will be recruited!
  • SC, ST, DA Backlog Posts: 1,238 - July 2021
  • APPSC Group-1, Group-2: 36 - August 2021
  • Police Jobs: 450 - September? 2021
  • Doctors, Assistant? Professors (Department of Medicine): 451 - October?2021
  • Paramedical, Pharmacist, Technicians: 5,251 - November 2021
  • Nurses: 441 - December? 2021
  • Degree College Lecturers: 240 - January 2022
  • Varsity Assistant? Professors: 2,000 - February 2022
  • Other Branch Posts: 36 - March 2022
  • Total 10,143

The jobs that have been recruited from 2019 to date are as follows.
  • Village and ward volunteers: 2,59,565
  • Village and Ward Secretariats Assistants: 1,21,518
  • Medical, Health Family Welfare: 13,987
  • R&B, RTC employees: 58,388
  • Outsourcing Employees: 95,212
  • APPSC: 2,497
  • Animal Husbandry and Fisheries Branches: 372
  • Agriculture, Co-operative Branches: 175
  • Department of Food and Civil Supplies: 237
  • School education: 4,758
  • Higher Education: 1,054
  • Tribal Welfare: 1,175
  • Social Welfare: 669
  • Department of Women, Child Development and Adults: 3,500
  • Skill Development: 1,283
  • Department of Electricity: 8,333
  • Department of Water Resources: 177
  • Other branches: 4,531
  • Emergency during Covid, Service regulated Temporary staff: 26,325

Total: 6,03,756.

Published date : 18 Jun 2021 12:10PM