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Choice Based Credit System: Choose your preferred subject at your choice of college!!

The Board of Higher Education has made available the ‘Choice Based Credit System’. This allows the student to complete the subject of their choice, wherever they like.
choice based credit system
Choice Based Credit System: Choose your preferred subject at your choice of college!!
  • Approval for online study
  • Extensive educational opportunities for students
  • Permission for UGC Identity Sites
  • Credits directly to the local university‌
  • The newest experiment in higher education

Finally, approval can be obtained online. However, the University Grants Commission (UGC) stipulates that it should be limited to 40% of the degree credits. Previously only 20% of credits were allowed under this policy. State higher education officials say it is a top priority for students to have access to a wide range of educational opportunities. However, it is advisable to choose UGC approved online institutess. The cluster policy in the state has been implemented on an experimental basis from this year. A total of nine colleges under Hyderabad have been linked and arrangements have been made for a single syllabus, examination system and teaching methods.

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The student is required to complete a subject at the college of his choice. Resources are available at some colleges, faculty at others, and a library or laboratory at others. The possibility of using these arises in the cluster‌ approach. The Choice Based Credit System will expand this.

How to choose online course?

For example a student gets admission in a college in BA HPP. In the subject of history he is interested in doing European‌ History. But it is not available in Telangana. In that case all other subjects can be completed in the college of admission and the European History subject can be done online. UGC has accredited a number of institutions in the country, including Massive Online Courses.

Online education is provide on par with international standards. After completing the course, the test for that subject will also be conducted online. Credits will be transferred online to the student in parent college online. He has to tell the details of the course he / she is doing in advance to the concerned parent college and to any college or online college where he / she has got admission.

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Universities in all states after Corona are following in this direction. Officials say this will enable the student to overcome the faculty problem with a few subjects. In addition, online institutes are competing to offer courses with international knowledge.

The beginning of change!!
UGC has already approved such courses. It is likely to grow in popularity in the future. The online approach helps to compete with national and international teaching. Most students now take some of the professional courses online. These are just for employment. The current approach contributes to the broadening of knowledge.
- Prof. R. Limbadri (Chairman, Board of Higher Education)


Published date : 19 Nov 2021 06:28PM

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