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Good career opportunities with Food Science courses

Food is the basic need for every human being. It is not possible to survive without food. Technology development won’t or can’t replace or reduce the need of food.
It is expected that the world is to face severe food shortage in the next five decades. Therefore, scientists say that the development of agriculture and its allied sectors is essential. It is suggested to focus on food science and food processing along with agriculture.

Association with Agriculture
In mid 1960s, India started thegreen revolution to overcome food shortage. In this process the country not only achieved the self- sufficiency but also emerged as food grains exporting country.

With the use of chemical fertilizers, crop yields were increased according to the situation in the yester years. But, thepriority should be given to health according to the current situation. Immunity boosting crops and food grains are to be cultivated. But at the same time there is a needto preserve and process the food grains for the future purposes. Hence, the demand for food science and relevant courses and the importance of food scientists is increasing as well.Food science is essential to secure the world’s population enough to eat for fully productive working lives today and in the future.

Food Science
Food science is the study of the biological, chemical and physical properties of foods and their effects on the culinary, nutritional, sensory, storage and safety aspects of foods and beverages.

Food science also deals with food safety, and both food security and food safety depend on the microbiology and on the chemistry and physics of raw food materials and manufactured food. Food science is complex: to convert raw materials to safe, palatable and nutritious food with acceptable shelf life in an environmentally friendly way, very many scientific disciplines need to be combined.In fact, Food Science, Food Technology and Food Engineering are different but relevantdepartments.

With the rapid urbanization of the world, the changing lifestyle of the people and the job of both husband and wife, there is a growing demand for ready-to-eat foods. People are addicted to ‘ready–to- eat’round the world. With this, the fields of food science and food processing technology are growing rapidly. In addition to quality, safety and high nutrients, there is a demand for ready-to-eat food. This tendency is increasing the opportunities for Food Scientists, Food Technologists and Food Engineers.

Food technology is a good career option with huge growth opportunities. Preserving and distributing natural food is going to be a big market in future.

As the number of corporate agriculture, food processing units and industries, is growing, the demand for food science courses is also increasing worldwide. Candidates can opt for these courses after intermediate with M.P.C/Bi.P.C.
  • B. Sc – Food Technology / Food Science (Three Year Course)
  • B. Tech / B.E Food Technology
  • Food Science and Agriculture Courses

Candidates who have completed Biotechnology, Microbiology, Biochemistry, Organic Chemistry, Chemical / Process Engineering, Nutrition and Pharmaceutical Sciences which are relevant to Food Science can also find opportunities in the Food Industry.

Masters or PhD is needed to work in the areas of Food Science, Technology, Research and Development Wing, Quality Control and Quality Assurance.

Colleges in Telugu states
In the Telugu states ... Prof. Jayashankar Telangana State Agricultural University, Home Science College, Saifabad (Hyderabad); University College of Technology (Osmania University); Colleges and institutes of various universities such as Acharya NGRanga Agricultural University, Andhra University, Satavahana University and Sri Venkateswara University offer B. Sc / M. Sc / BE / B. Tech Food Science and Technology related courses.
Published date : 23 May 2020 05:48PM

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