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Inter Admissions start; check schedule here

Inter 1st year admissions in the state began on Sept. 19. Colleges should not keep open certificates.
Inter Admissions
Inter Admissions start; check schedule here

On September 18, Andhra Pradesh Inter-Board Secretary V. Ramakrishna issued a notification that admissions would be taken offline instead of online in 2021 in the wake of the High Court judgment. In fact it is well known that the Board has taken steps to make inter 1st year admissions online in the 2021 academic year. The court stopped the online process after some people approached the high court. It has decided to complete admissions offline this year to avoid further delays as in the 2021 academic year.

Certificates should not be kept by colleges
Principals of all colleges should make provisional admissions for students based on student marks memos. Those admissions must be verified upon receipt of SSC Certificates, School‌ TCs. caste certificates. Certificates should be examined and then given to the students. No educational institution should keep them. Secretary Ramakrishna warned that stern action would be taken against the institutions which keep the certificates in their possession without giving them back to the students.

Allocation of seats as per reservation
The Board Secretary clarified that the seats should be filled with students from the respective categories as per the reservation quota. Failing to do so, other actions, including de-recognition of colleges will be taken. Also 33.33 per cent of all category seats in non-girls colleges should also be allotted to girls.

Admissions should not be denied to any student on the grounds of caste, religion, region etc. Admissions should entirely be made based on the tenth class merit or equivalent qualifications. In particular, no educational institution should conduct entrance tests, such as talent tests.

Every college should take full measures for the protection and safety of girls. Students must be careful to adhere to board regulations to avoid committing suicide. 

Admissions are not allowed beyond the permit. According to the orders of the High Court .. Only a maximum of 88 students per section should be admitted in the sanctioned sections in each college.
Not only BiPC, MPC, admissions should be made in all the sections of the combinations (BPC, MPC as well as CEC, HEC etc.) created by the Board. No college can take admissions in additional sections without permission. Ramakrishna warned that other measures would be taken along with penalties on colleges that do so.

No admission in second year for students from other states. Ramakrishna said in the notification that students who have completed Intermediate in other states including Telangana are not allowed to enter directly in second year. It was clarified that others are not eligible for direct admission in junior colleges in AP as there are differences in the inter-syllabus of the respective states and AP inter-syllabus. They can only be admitted in 1st year. 

Inter Admission schedule ..

  • Application Sale: From September 19
  • Application Deadline: September 28
  • Closing of admissions: September 28
  • Classes start: September 29

Allocation of seats by reservation (in percentages) as follows.

  • SC: 15
  • Divyangs: 3
  • BC: 29
  • NCC, Sports‌ Other: 3
  • Soldiers, children of ex-servicemen: 3


Published date : 14 Oct 2021 05:13PM

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