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World – Continents and Oceans

Tenth Class Map Pointing

Observe the map and answer the following questions
  1. Name the main latitudes passing through North America.
    Tropic of cancer and the Arctic circle are passing through North America.
  2. Name the ocean between Asia and North America.
    Pacific ocean lies between Asia and North America.
  3. Name the continents surrounding Atlantic ocean.
    Europe and Africa on the east and North America and South America on the West Atlantic ocean.
  4. Name the latitudes passing through Africa.
    Equator, tropic of cancer and tropic of Capricorn are passing through Asia.
  5. Name the continents surrounding Indian ocean.
    Africa, Asia and Australia are surrounding the Indian ocean.
  6. Name the latitudes passing through Asia.
    Arctic circle, Tropic of cancer and Equator are passing through Asia.
  7. In which continent is India?
    India is in the continent of Asia.
  8. Name the two oceans on the extreme north and south of globe.
    Antarctica is on the extreme south and Arctic is on the extreme north sie on the globe.
  9. Where is India in the world map?
    India is in the northern hemisphere.
Published date : 30 Jan 2015 04:50PM

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