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Colonisation in Asia and Africa by Europeans

Tenth Class Map Pointing

Observe the map and answer the following questions
  1. Name some Asian and African colonies of Britain.
    British colonies in Asia: India, Srilanka, Burma etc.
    British colonies in Africa: Egypt, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, English Somalia land, South Africa etc.
  2. Name the Asian and African colonies of Dutch (Holland).
    Asia: Indonesia
    Africa: Natal, Transwal
  3. What are the Asian and African colonies of French?
    French colonies in Asia: Syria, Lebanon, Vietnam etc.
    French colonies in Africa: Gabon, Algeria, Niger, Tunisia, Morocco, Chad, Madagascar etc
  4. Whose colony was Somali land?
    British colony.
  5. Whose colony was Australia?
    British colony.
  6. Name some independent countries.
    Ethiopia, Liberia, etc in Africa.
    Iran, China, Nepal, Afghanistan etc in Asia were independent.
Published date : 30 Jan 2015 04:56PM

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