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AP Tenth Class Physical Science Structure of Atom(EM) Important Questions



1.     Write the four quantum numbers for the differentiating electron of sodium (Na) atom?

2.     Collect the wave lengths and corresponding frequencies of three primary colours red, blue and green? 

3.     Distinguish between line spectrum and band spectrum?

4.     Lathatold that M shell is bigger size that L shell. Which quantum number gives this information? 



1.     What is an orbital? How is it different from Bohr's orbit?

2.     Which electronic shell is at a higher energy level Kor L?

3.     i. An electron in an atom has the following set of four quantum numbers to which orbital it belong to

ii. Write the four quantum numbers for 1S1 electron.

4.     The wave length of a radio wave is 1.0m. Find its frequency.

5.     How many elliptical orbits are added by Somerfield in third Bohr's orbit? What was the purpose of adding these elliptical orbits?

        What is nlxmethod ? How it is useful.



1.     In an atom the number of electrons in m shell is equal to the number of electrons in the K and L shell. Answer the following questions?

a. Which is the outer most shell?

b. How many electrons are there in its outermost shell?

c. What is the atomic number of an element? 

d. Write the electronic configuration of the element?

2.     Explain the significance of three Quantum numbers in predicting the position of an electron in an atom.

3.     Which rule is violated in the electronic configuration 1s2 2s2 2p4 ?  

(Or) state and explain Hund's rule of maximum multiplicity?

4.     a. How many maximum numbers of electrons can be accommodated in a principal energy shell? 

b. How many maximum numbers of electrons can be accommodated in a sub shell?

c. How many maximum numbers of electrons can be accommodated in an orbital?

d.How many sub shells will be present in a principal energy shell?

e. How Mary spin orientations are possible for an electron in an orbital?

5.     Rainbow is an example for continuous spectrum-explain?

Published date : 29 Apr 2022 07:05PM

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