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AP Tenth Class Physical Science Refraction of Light at Plane Surfaces(EM) Important Questions




1.     A person move away from lens and found that his image is not formed on the lens. What is that lens? Why the image is not formed?

2.     What is the principle involved in the optical fiber?

3.     Why should you see a mirage as flowing water?

4.     The speed of the light in a diamond is 1,24,000 km/s. Find the refractive index of diamond if the speed of light in air is 3,00,000 km/s.

5.     Refractive index of glass relative to water is. What is the refractive index of water relative to glass?

6.     Why does a diamond shine more than a glass piece cut to the same shape?

7.     Why it is too difficult to shoot a fish swimming in the water?

8.     Determine the refractive index of benzene if the critical angle of it is 420.

9.     Can you take a photo of a mirage?



1.     Collect information on working of optical fibers. Prepare a report about various uses of optical fib resinour daily life.

2.     What is the reason behind the shining of diamond and how do you appreciate it?

3.     Why do stars appear twinkling?

4.     Why does a diamond shine more than a glass piece cut to the same shape?



1.     Explain the refraction of light through the glass slab with a neat ray diagram.

2.     What is the angle of deviation produced by the glass slab? Explain with ray diagram.

3.     Explain the formation of mirage?

4.     How do you verify experimentally that  is constant.

Published date : 28 Oct 2022 05:21PM

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