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Walk and Walk

 ఈ  పదాలన్నీ  'walking' గురించి  చెప్పేవే. వీటిని ఏ సందర్భాల్లో ఎలా వాడాల్నో చూద్దాం. 
 Fill in the blanks with words related to walking.
 tripped (జారడం, కాలికి  తగిలించుకోవడం), stumbled (తడబడ్డాడు), paced (అటూ,ఇటూ కోపంగా తిరగడం) , strode (అంగలు వేసుకుంటూ), paraded (ప్రదర్శించుకుంటూ), shuffle (కాళ్లు ఈడ్చుకుంటూ), loiter (walk around aimlessly) , strayed (దారి తప్పడం), tottered (తూలుకుంటూ)
 1. The speaker ___ on the cable and almost fell down on the dias.
 2. Though we started as a group in our trekking, some of us ___ off the route.
 3.  When the VIP patient was brought into the casualty, the chief doctor  ___ into the room.
 4. The tiger that has been caught, ___ in the cage angrily.
 5. Be careful! You might ___ over that step!
 6. The drunken husband ___ in the party, much to the agony of his wife.
 7. The lady ___ proudly in the party, showing off her diamond necklace.
 8. Kids and software persons, ___ to the bathroom on Monday mornings.
 9. As the train was due only after 2 hours, they ___ on the platform.
 1) tripped;  2) strayed;  3) strode
 4) paced; 5) stumble  6) tottered ;
 7) paraded; 8) shuffle; 9) loitered
Published date : 16 Dec 2019 03:01PM

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