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Vocabulary and Coining new words

Writers and poets invent words. Even scientists add new words. A number of words have been added because of computer programming and hardware. For example, 'formatted' 'power bank' 'mouse' 'router' 'bytes' 'footage'. 'helicopter/chopper', 'satellite', 'rocket' also were added by science. Today, native English speakers add words to every day speech. Indian words like 'samosa' 'pakora' 'bandobust' 'guru' are now found in Cambridge/ Oxford dictionaries. Poets too have that privilege. In Telugu too, we have new expressions like మొలక నవ్వు (కరుణశ్రీ), భస్మసింహాసనం, జీవ లవము (జాషువా)
addiction: Being psychologically or physically dependent on something, usually a drug. (వ్యసనం /దురలవాటు)
bedazzled: Blinded by something incredibly wonderful. or bedazzle is to charm or impress someone, sometimes to the extent that they feel confused or overwhelmed [కళ్లు మిరుమిట్లు చెందడం]
Eg. At film awards functions, heroines wear bedazzling clothes.
cold-blooded: A way to describe someone who's cruel and indifferent and have no emotion while committing a grave crime such as murder. Eg. It was a cold-blooded murder not with an emotion on the spot.
swagger:To walk in a way that shows you're boasting or disrespectful. [పొగరుగా ఛాతి ఎత్తుకొని నడవడం]
break the ice: It was used in navigation initially, where ships had to break the ice for their voyages in winters. Currently, it means- To relieve the hostility or tension or silence between  two persons/ groupsin a conversation by talking. Eg. In Hindu wedding ceremonies, there are several rituals which are meant to break ice between the new couple. [putting rice on one another's head, బిందెలో ఉంగరాలు వేసి తీయడం, బంతి ఆట, పేర్లు చెప్పించడం]
This is often used to describe the first phrase or joke that breaks the cold, awkward feeling when people meet for the first time. This phrase or joke might be called an "ice breaker''.
scuffle: To fight or struggle confusedly at close quarters. [పెనుగులాడు]
Eg. There was a scuffle at the entry gate for Rajanikanth's latest movie.
Published date : 21 Jan 2020 12:11PM

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