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Synonyms of Saw

Look at the following words and use them in the blanks. All of them mean "saw".

glimpsed (see or perceive briefly or partially), sighted (కనపడింది), glanced at, noticed, observed, gazed (గేయజ్డ్) at (look fixedly in admiration or surprise), spotted, spied, examined, stared at

 1. The girl ____ at the prospective bride-groom very shyly.
 2. The Bangladesh team could not play well as defeat ____ them.
 3.  The editor ____ an error in the news item in the last minute.
 4. Moon was ____ and hence the festival of Ramdan (Ramzan) will be celebrated tomorrow.
 5. I didn't go through it carefully, but just ___at.
 6.  Recently in New Zealand, some tourists ____ an unusual trembling of the ground and ran away before the volcano (vol·kei·now) (అగ్నిపర్వతం) erupted (బద్దలు కావడం).
 7.  The gardener ____the fruits in the orchard (పండ్ల తోట) were dropping off due to some infection.
 8. The audience _____ at the new model admiring her beauty and personality.
 9.  While we were going for an evening stroll, my friend ____ a snake in the grass.
 10. The doctor ____ the patient carefully before arriving at his diagnosis. (రోగ నిర్ధారణ)


  1) glimpsed  2) stared at 3) spotted
  4) sighted  5) glanced 6) noticed
  7) observed  8) gazed           9) spied 
  10) examined
Published date : 17 Dec 2019 04:17PM

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