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Practice Vocabulary (synonyms of Excellent)

 Fill in the blanks in the given sentences with the synonyms of EXCELLENT. You should use each word only once. This will improve your vocabulary range.
 exquisite (extremely beautiful), wonderful, incredible (difficult to believe), exemplary, amazing (surprising), scintillating (brilliant, highly skilled), best, supreme, admirable, striking
 1.  Her hairstyle is ___ and people stared at it.
 2. The boy has ____ memory. He can chant any sloka from the Gita.
 3. The saree bought for her wedding was ____ with intricate design.
 4. Rohit Sharma's batting is ____. He keeps scoring century after century.
 5. The villager's courage is ____. He boldly faced the Cheetah and overpowered it.
 6. The new mall opened in our area is ____. It has almost everything we need.
 7. Maruti Suzuki is the ____ automobile in India with 53% of market share in passenger cars.
 8. This is the ____ speech I have ever listened to so far on motivation.
 9. Usain Bolt's running speed is ____
 10. Vajpayee's political career is ____ None can match it.

  1) striking                        2) incredible
  3) exquisite(ఇక్స్.వి.జిట్)  4) scintillating
  5) admirable                    6) excellent
  7) supreme                      8) best
  9) amazing                      10) exemplary.
Published date : 13 Nov 2019 03:40PM

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