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Onomatopoetic words

 (Words that sound as they mean)
 1. The large dog said, "bow-wow!''
 2. Her heels clacked on the hardwood floor.( టక టక అన్నాయి)
 3. The party started with the sound of clinking glasses. (గల గల అన్నాయి)
 4. If you want our team to win, clap your hands right now!
 5. The bridge collapsed creating a tremendous boom.
 6.  Some infants burp after drinking milk. (త్రేన్చు)
 7. The rustling of silk sarees is very familiar in the weddings. (గర గర లాడే)
 8. The horse's hooves (గిట్టలు) clip-clopped on the stone path. (టక  టక అన్నాయి)
Published date : 16 Dec 2019 02:22PM

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