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Many people wonder what is the difference between a revolver and a pistol, a rifle and a gun. Of course, there are differences.

 Any weapon with a • is a gun. Be it a hand held one, or a bigger one held by a police or soldiers, or a very big gun.
 Revolver > < Pistol
 A revolver contains a revolving cylinder in which bullets (usually six) are loaded.
 A pistol is any handgun that does not have bullets in a revolving cylinder. Pistols have a removable magazine into which bullets (more than 6) are loaded.

 Rifle has a long barrel, fired from a shoulder. In its barrel there will be grooves (గాడి , గాలా). This will make the •spin and fire more accurately. They are used for long range. All guns including rifles will have bores (గొట్టం లోపలి వ్యాసం). It is also called calibre. .202 and .303 are the bores of weapons used by police.

Army guns have higher caliber and accuracy and range. They load automatically with a big cartridge. Body guards usually have guns with a short barrel but can fire rapidly, which are called Carbines.

Sten guns
also are the same.
In actual battle field, Soldiers have to use long range and high precision guns. They will have even telescopic fitting to see the target clearly. They are called sniper guns 

 There are also double-barrel guns, which have two barrels and big shells. These are not useful for war, but only for hunting. In movies we will see 'bandits' carrying them with a belt across their shoulder full of shells.

Armies use Light Machine Guns and Heavy Machine Guns for continuing firing.

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Published date : 26 Feb 2020 12:18PM

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