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Foreign Words and Phrases 3

in situ [ఇన్ సిట్యూ] in the original place
  Eg. He was given an in situ promotion. (No change in designation or transfer).
   Eg. After the recovery of stolen goods from the museum, the items were kept in situ.

inter alia
[ఇంటర్ ఎలియా] among other things Eg. The striking RTC workers, demanded merge with government inter alia other demands. But the strike fizzled out. (failed)

inter se (Fr)
[ఇంటే సెయ్] between or among themselves. Eg. The office has recently published inter se seniority list for the cadre of Senior Assistants. 

in cognito  [
ఇన్ కోగ్నిటౌవ్] గుర్తు పట్టలేని విధంగా An assumed or false identity Eg. The new Collector went to the government hospital in cognito to check its functioning.
mutatis mutandis (Latin)
[మ్యూటటిస్ మ్యుటండీస్] (అవసరమైన మార్పులు చేయబడతాయి) having the changes what needs to be changed.
  Eg. The changes proposed for the first contract apply mutatis mutandis to all other contracts.

malafide [
మాలా ఫీడేయ్] in bad faith, with an intention to deceive (చెడు /మోసం చేయాలనే ఆలోచనతో) Eg. We could see malafide intention in his proposal and hence not accepted it.
Published date : 02 Dec 2019 06:30PM

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