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American English VocabularyVs BritishVocabulary

American English vocabulary కొన్ని సార్లు తేడాగా ఉంటుంది. మనం సాధారణంగా, British పదజాలాన్ని [vocabulary] వాడతాం. కానీ, కొన్ని American పదాల్ని మన దగ్గర చదువు రానివాళ్లు కూడా వాడతారు. Eg. cab, apartment, bachelor. [కింద British English మరి American Englishలో పదజాలాన్ని చూద్దాం.]
  • You don't start a conversation (on phone) with a 'Hello' but with a 'Hi'.
  • The telephone is never 'engaged', it's always 'busy'
  • You don't 'disconnect' a phone, you 'hang up'.
  • You never 'mess-up' things, you only 'screw them up'.
  • You never have a 'residence telephone no', you have a 'home no'.
  • You don't 'stop at the signals', but 'halt at the lights'.
  • You don't 'accelerate', you 'step on gas'.
  • Your tyre never 'punctures', you may have a 'flat'.
  • Trains have no 'coaches' or 'bogies' only 'carriages' or 'boxes'.
  • There are no 'petrol pumps', but 'gas stations'.
  • No one stays 'a stone throw away' rather 'a few blocks away'.
  • In a hotel you no longer ask for a 'bill' and pay 'cheque', rather you ask for the 'check' and pay with 'bills'.
  • There are no 'soft drinks' only 'sodas'.
  • Life's no longer 'miserable', it 'stinks'.
  • You don't have a 'great time', you have a 'ball time'.
  • Never 'post' a letter, but 'mail' it.
  • You don't stand in a 'queue', but in a 'line'.
  • You no longer live in 'flats' but in 'apartments'.
  • You no longer 'like' something, but you 'appreciate' it.
  • You are not 'deaf', you have 'impaired hearing'
  • There are no 'lunatics' but 'mentally challenged people'.
  • You never 'joke', you just 'kid'.
  • You don't try to find a 'lift' but an'elevator'.
  • You don't smoke 'cigarettes', but 'fags'.
Published date : 09 Jan 2020 05:29PM

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