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Intermediate : 2nd Year Chemistry Model Paper -1

 IPE MODEL PAPER (Second year)

Time- 3Hrs                                                                                           Max.Marks :60

Section – A
10 x 2 = 20M
I. Very short answer type questions.
i) Answer any 10 Questions. ii) Each question carries two marks.
01. What are Schottky defects in crystalline solids?
02. How is ethane converted into Bromo Ethane.
03. State Raoult’s law.
04. What is Nernst equation? Write the equation for an electrode with electrode reaction .

05. What is Tyndall Effect.
06. What is tailing of Mercury? How is it removed?
07. Write the reaction of a) F2 and b) Cl2 with H2O
08. Calculate the spin only magnetic moment of Education Newsion?
09. Write equations for carbyl amine reaction of any one aliphatic amine.
10. What are essential and non-essential amino acids? Give one example for each.
Section – B
6 x 4 = 24M

II. Short answer type questions.
i) Attempt any six Questions. ii) Each question carries four marks.
11. Explain Werner’s Theory of coordination compounds with suitable example?
12. How is Nitric acid manufactured by Ostwald’s process?
13. Derive Bragg’s Equation?
14. How are XeF2and XeF4prepared? Give their structure?
15. Describe Bredig’s Arc method of preparation of colloidal with a neat diagram.
16. a)Define i)Molarity and (ii)Molality
b)calculate the molarity of a solution containing 5g of NaOH in 450ml solution.
17. Give two example for each a)Zero order reaction and b)Pseudo first order reaction
18. a)Give the IUPAC name of the following

Education News
b)How will you carry out the following conversion? Toulene to Benzyl alcohol.
Section – C
2 x 8 = 16M

III. Long answer type questions.
i) Attempt any two Questions. ii) Each question carries eight marks.
19. a)State and explain Kohlrausch’s law of independent migrations of ions.
b)What is order of a reaction? How is it different from the molecularity of a reaction. Give two examples for second order reaction.
20. Explain a)williamson’s synthesis b)Aldol condensation
c)Cannizaro’s reaction d)Gattermann’s reaction
21. a)How does ozone react with the following
1)PbS 2) C2H4 3) Ag 4) KI
b)How is chlorine prepared by Decon’s method? How does it reacts with the following.
a)Cold dil. NaOH b) NH3




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