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ASRB ARS Main Admit Card 2021 Released

The Agricultural Scientists Recruitment Board (ASRB) has released the Agricultural Research Service mains examinations admit card 2021
ASRB ARS Main Admit Card

For ASRB ARS Main Admit Card: Click Here

ASRB ARS 2021 (Mains) Examination Paper:


  • ARS-2021 (Mains) Examination Paper will have only one paper of 240 marks in the respective disciplines, to be attempted in 3 hours duration.
  • The paper shall be divided in three parts A, B and C.
  • Part ‘A’ will consist of 40 (forty) questions of 2 (two) marks each. In this 30 part, answers required will be of very short, not exceeding 10 (Ten) words at the most.
  • Part ‘B’ will have 20 (twenty) questions of 5 (five) marks each requiring one or two paragraphs and/or graphic explanation.
  • Part ‘C’ will have 6 (six) essay type or descriptive type questions. Each question will carry 10 (ten) marks and may have two or more parts.
  • Answers are required to be written in the space provided below the question. In no case extra sheets will be provided. All questions in parts ‘A’ ‘B’ and ‘C’ will be compulsory.


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