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Celebrities who Failed Their Exams

In the eventful day of the result, almost everybody including the intelligent ones undergoes excruciating nervousness and tensions. But at the end of the day some cries in joy or some cries vehemently without any substantial consolable point or things.
For some the result is the proof of their hard work which really paid off and for others the result decide how and where they’ll spend their lives. For some, the results might not be what he had been expecting for and for some; the results show their end of road of the fascinating world but eventual reality is that this could open millions and millions of possibilities in their lives that even they could not thought over. And there are some people few who never bothered about the outcome of the backlog certificate.

You would be surprised to know that the most clever and trustworthy persons also dropped out of their schools, failed their examinations and stayed outside a few whole nights in their friends’ houses or streets and even become successful and winning in their lives.

Mark Wahlberg
The actor at the age of 13 got reprimand and imprisoned for stealing cars and even caught up with drugs. Naturally he dropped out of his school but now he is a successful professional having an assets over 200 million pounds.

Vera Wang
The successful fashion designer once failed to make the US Olympic team. But that seemed good for the young designer artist who later became a grade one wedding dress designer and have an asset worth 50 million pounds.

Bill Gates
This gentleman is a technical giant and dropped out of his Harvard schools and eventually started up his company called Microsoft. He is now a successful business professional and perhaps world’s number one wealthy person having an estimated assets around 65 billion pounds.

Cindy Crawford
Although she completed the high school level education and won an academic scholarship to study chemical engineering and got admitted in the Northwestern University and spent some time there, she eventually dropped out to become a successful model.

Chris Pratt
He dropped out of his local community collegeand ended up homeless for some time. The actor worked as a salesman and even as a day time stripper and has now a property of around 25 million pounds.

Brad Pitt
This actor dropped out of his college degree in journalism in the last semester. He explained that he did not like to be in that category of job seekers after completing his degree and now he is a successful professional actor.

Steve Jobs
The Co-founder and CEO of Apple Inc dropped out of his college. He later joined a calligraphy school and found interest in using a wide range of fonts in some of the Macs.

Richard Branson
The millionaire dropped out of his school at an early ageand started up a school magazine which eventually took him to the creator of Virgin Records.

John Major
The former UK Prime Minister, who led the Conservative Party, did not continue his studies in schools for a longer duration, although he managed to get some degrees in later course of his studies.

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan
After completing her HSC examination with top marks, she dropped out of her school of Architecture and pursued career in modeling instead.

Priyanka Chopra
She completed her schooling in Army Public School, Bareilly and after winning the Miss World pageant she even dropped out of her college to join in acting.

Sarah Millican
Award winning comedian Sarah Millican tried to ease out the worries of the students who are troubled by their results. She wrote in her twitter saying good luck to those who are getting A-level results in the exams and she further wrote that it is not the end of the world to those who do not get a good result. Even she scored a E level result and become successful.
So, if you do not get the kind of result that you have been waiting for in your school or college or even university, do not worry. Remember that success cannot be quantified and is not limited to some piece of papers or some glittering academic careers. This can be achieved through hard labour and other means and in other dynamics.
Published date : 10 Jan 2020 05:53PM

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