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Preparation Tips for NEET Zoology

Comparatively Biology is easier than Physics and Chemistry. One can get better rank in NEET if he/she scores better marks in Biology. If students find Physics or Chemistry paper a little tough, Biology can certainly act like a savior in NEET! Also, students not scoring good marks in Biology, probably will be out of NEET Race. So, there is no more important way to succeed in NEET than proper Biology preparation.
  • The date for NEET is within one week and our students are still in confusion over the outcome of the Supreme Court verdict. With that confusion, most of them are unable to concentrate over studies
  • They should divert their preparation from EAMCET to NEET at least for this week to get good marks and position in NEET.
  • Our suggestion is that the students should verify the papers of AIPMT (both prelim and final) exam for the years 2009 to 2012.
  • AIPMT exams were conducted by CBSE for many years. This year NEET exam is also going to conducted by same board. It means almost the same panel may continue for the preparation of question papers. It means 85-90 % of question paper should be in same level of previous PMT papers.
  • One of the important things in national level exams is diagram-based questions. Students should prepare in that aspect also.
Class XI 
Unit 1: Classification of animals – non-chordates and chordates…
When compared to EAMCET syllabus, in this unit student can relax about the content. Our  students should prepare more for EAMCET in this topic than NEET. It means this topic would become more easy for the students.
          But students should concentrate on diagrams and some additonal examples given for various categories of classification.

Unit II: Animal tissues :
          This topic also very easy for the students. But they prepare additional systems like circulatory, reproductive system, excretory system in cockroach.

Unit III: Human physiology:
 Students should concentrate more on this topic as most of the contents are new to them. But students should overcome this problem also by analysing the previous papers after getting some idea of pattern of questions.

Unit I : Human reproduction  :
         Students should go through the diagrammatic preparation in this topic.
Unit II. Reproductive Health :
        This is the most important topic for NEET exam as 3-4 questions frequently asking in this unit.
     They should  concentrate on the methods of birth control mainly.

Unit II : Genetic and evolution:
 Students with the knowledge of EAMCET preparation easily can go through this topic.
They should learn additional topics like polygenic inheritance, pleiotropy, Mendelian disorders in man etc. as the previous questions asked from that context.

Prepare the human evolution also along with evidence for biological evidences for evolution.

Unit III : Biology and Human welfare
Students prepare about adolescence, drug and alcohol abuse.

Unit IV: Ecology and environment
Concentrate on biodiversity, environmental issues like pollution, ozone depletion, different conventions, resolutions, endangered animals

Final suggestion is   there is no problem for students if they leave some topics from which the questions are not asking frequently…..

Don’t read the whole book while revising, but only marked and highlighted points.

Biology can prove like a savior in your NEET preparation.
Published date : 30 Apr 2013 04:27PM

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