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Know your Errors

  1. Rain is falling. (wrong)
    It is raining. (correct)
    Reason:The word "rain" is a verb, hence we can use it as a verb in a sentence and we need not add another verb to it.
  2. How is the climate today? (wrong)
    How is the weather today? (correct)
    Reason: When we talk about a particular day, we must use "weather" and not "climate".
  3. It is more hot.(wrong)
    It is too hot. (correct)
    Reason: The word "more" must be used only when we compare.
  4. It is very cold.(wrong)
    It is too cold. (correct)
    Reason: When we speak about something which is unbearable, we must use "too" and not "very".
  5. It is worser than yesterday. (wrong)
    It is worse than yesterday. (correct)
    Reason: The comparative form of the word "bad" is "worse" and not "worser".
  6. It may be rain. (wrong)
    It may rain. (correct)
    Reason: When we use a first form of a verb after "may" we must not use "be".
  7. I am a Srinivas (wrong)
    I am Srinivas. (correct)
    Reason: a or an should not be used before name.
  8. May I know what is your name? (wrong)
    May I know what your name is? (correct)
    Reason: When we use ‘May I know', ‘is’ or ‘are’ should not be used after wh' words. They should be used after completing the remaining sentence.
  9. I live in S.R. Nagar. (wrong)
    I live at S.R.Nagar. (correct)
    Reason: ‘at’ should be used befor small colony like places.
  10. He is working in a MNC. (wrong)
    He is working in an MNC. (correct)
    Reason: Though MNC starts with consonant, it starts with ‘ye’ (a) vowel sound and so an should be used.
  11. I was an ex government employee. (wrong)
    I am an ex government employee. (correct)
    Reason: Helping verbs like ‘is’, ‘are’ should be used before the word ‘ex’ when we use for the persons living now.
  12. He is doctor. (wrong)
    He is a doctor. (correct)
    Reason: ‘a’ or ‘an’ is used before describing a person’s profession.
  13. May I know where does he live? (wrong)
    May I know where he lives? (correct)
    Reason: When we use ‘May I know', ‘does’ should not be used after wh' words.It should be completed with the remaining sentence.
  14. I belongs to Nellore. (wrong)
    I belong to Nellore. (correct)
    Reason: When we use first form of the verb, 's’ should not be used.
  15. He is honest person. (wrong)
    He is an honest person. (correct)
    Reason: ‘h’ in the word honest is pronounced without ‘h’.
  16. I will a software engineer. (wrong)
    I will be a software engineer. (correct)
    Reason: ‘be’ is used after 'will' when we tell about a person’s profession.
  17. Are you aware about it? (wrong)
    Are you aware of it? (correct)
    Reason: ‘of is used after "aware" and not ‘about’.
  18. I am sorry to troubling you. (wrong)
    I am sorry to trouble you. (correct)
    Reason: first form of the verb should be used after "to" and "ing" form of the verb is not used.
  19. If it will not be a problem, I will take your car. (wrong)
    If it is not a problem, I will take your car. (correct)
    Reason: When we start a sentence with "If", ‘will’ should not be used in the first part of the sentence.
  20. He is Ravi, isn't it? (wrong)
    He is Ravi, isn't he? (correct)
    Reason:’it’ is used only for material nouns. ‘he’ or ‘she’ is used for persons.
  21. What can I able to do for you? (wrong)
    What can I do for you? (correct)
    Reason: ‘able to’ should not be used with ‘can’.
  22. He goes for a walk in the early morning. (wrong)
    He goes for a walk early in the morning. (correct)
  23. I ordered for chicken biryani. (wrong)
    I ordered chicken biryani. (correct)
  24. I have invited his family members too. (wrong)
    I have invited the members of his family too. (correct)
  25. She is elder than me. (wrong)
    She is elder to me. (correct)
  26. He wrote the letter by pencil. (wrong)
    He wrote the letter with a pencil. (correct)
  27. I will buy three dozens oranges. (wrong)
    I will buy three dozen oranges. (correct)
  28. They met an accident. (wrong)
    They met with an accident. (c)
  29. I pray God daily. (wrong)
    I pray to God daily. (c)
  30. You know about it. Isn't it? (wrong)
    You know about it. Don't you? (correct)
    Reason: We must use "don't" for a qu-estion tag whenever we use the first form of the verb in the first form of the verb.
  31. I don't know to drive. (wrong)
    I don't know how to drive. (correct)
    Reason: We must use "how to" and the first form of the verb whenever we begin the sentence with "I don't know".
  32. I know she is going abroad. (wrong)
    I know that she is going abroad. (correct)
    Reason: We must use "that" after the word "know"..
  33. I know that you are good in English. (wrong)
    I know that you are good at English. (correct)
    Reason: We must use "at" when we use the word "good" to talk about one's ability.
  34. I am not understanding. (wrong)
    I don't understand. (correct)
    Reason: We must not use the continuous form of the word "understand" to express that we "don't follow"..
Published date : 13 Jan 2011 03:44PM

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