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Know the Surrogate words

It is an indubitable fact that English has become a prerequisite for success in the present ultra-competitive world. In most of the competitive exams, a poor performance in English section shrinks the chances of your selection, and most probably, you will find yourself lagging behind others on the path towards success. Language plays a very important part in our daily lives - academic or professional - than we usually realize. The everyday act of speaking and writing, of reading and thinking, strengthens our communication skills and prepares us for the future. Competitive exams like the Bank Clerical and Probationary Officer exams accept or reject candidates on the basis of certain parameters that are crucial for the candidate to succeed in his/her chosen career-field. The English usage section basically tests your decision-making skills and English language skills. Your verbal skills are tested to gauge how well-equipped you are to deal with a crisis. This is precisely why we have English usage as an important part of competitive entrance exams. This week, we look at some more 'one-word substitutes' that will help you in fail-safe preparation for the bank exams.
Expression One-word Substitute
Habitually silent or talking little Taciturn
A religious discourse Sermon (also 'homily')
A place that provides refuge Asylum
Detailed plan of a journey Itinerary
A large pillar made from one stone Monolith (also 'Megalith')
A large pillar made from one stone Monolith (also 'Megalith')
A situation that exists at a particular time
without any changes being made to it
Status Quo
Official misconduct Malfeasance
One who has a compulsive desire to steal Kleptomaniac
A person who renounces the world
and practices self-discipline in order
to attain salvation
A government by the nobles Aristocracy
One who abstains from taking wine Teetotaller
The part of a government which is
concerned with making of rules
To steal secretly in small quantities Pilferage
One who does not marry, especially
as a religious obligation
A place for sick people who need
long periods of treatment or rest
Sanatorium (also spelled as
'Sanatarium' or 'Sanitarium')
A person who eats too much Glutton (also 'gourmand')
An imaginary name assumed by
an author for disguise
Government by a priestly order Theocracy
Government by one person Dictatorship
The life story of a man written by himself Autobiography
A general pardon granted by the
government to political offenders
A person who is out to destroy the government Anarchist
One who plays a game for pleasure,
and not as a professional
Perceptible to the ear Audible
Public sale in which articles
are sold to highest bidders
A government that is carried
on through officers
The system of having two wives or
husbands at a time
A person who readily believes all Credulous
A person living at the same time as another Contemporary
A disease which is spread by contact Contagious
Concluding part of a literary work Epilogue
More like a woman than a man in manners and habits Effeminate
A statement that is absolutely clear Unequivocal(also 'categorical')
A man with abnormal habits Eccentric
A person who is fond of refined
sensuous pleasures
The murder of a human being Homicide
A strict disciplinarian Martinet
One who flatters important and
powerful people in order to gain
personal advantage
Policemen riding on motorcycles
or horses as guards, beside or in front
of an official vehicle, in order to protect
the people in the vehicle
The practice of using or copying
someone else's idea or work and
pretending that it is your own
A large dark grey cloud that
brings rain or snow
A person who insists on something Sticker
A disease that affects a very
large number of people and spreads
quickly to other areas
A disease or illness that is
frequently found among the people
who live in a particular area
The leading hero or central character
of a play, drama, movie, or novel
An account of a person's life written
by someone else
One who can use both his right
hand and left hand equally skillfully
Strong, unreasonable belief that your
own country is more important and
morally better than other people's
Chauvinism (also 'Jingoism')
One who collects coins Numismatist
One who collects stamps Philatelist
One who is partly introvert
and partly extrovert
One who enjoys good food
and knows a lot about food and wine
One who does not believe
in human progress
One who believes in the
equality of all people
Egalitarian (also
An expert in crossword puzzles Cruciverbalist
The art of good handwriting Calligraphy
Bad and incoherent handwriting/bad
spelling/bad penmanship
Ghost of a living person or a
person who looks exactly like
another (double)
Misappropriate property in one's charge Embezzle/Defalcate/Malversate
Loss of sense of smell Amnosia
Partial or total loss of memory Amnesia
Pertaining to or inhabiting trees Arboreal
The doorkeeper of an apartment,
house or flats
Pupil/student of a school,
college, or university
The study of work and working
conditions to improve people's
Kept without means of communication
with the outside world
One who relapses or fall backs
into crime; a habitual criminal
The art of making prediction
from dreams
Under consideration of judiciary Sub-judice
The knack of making happy or
fortunate discoveries by chance or
Cool self-possession in times
of trouble, danger or agitating
One who pays excessive attention
to correctness of language, spelling, etc.
One who practices the art of correct
Talk or behaviour designed to draw
one's attention away from what is actually
One ready for any lawless deed Desperado
The growing or cultivation of fruits Pomiculture
The breeding, rearing, and
transplantation of fish by artificial means
Published date : 12 Jan 2011 01:41PM

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