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Expressing likes/dislikes, offering food and drink

During the conversations, we use various expressions to convey our likes and dislikes. The intensity of the feeling is conveyed through different phrases.

Let us look at a few examples
Read the conversation
hi! Your shirt looks beautiful. It is in a pleasant colour. I like this green shade.
Ram: I too like this shade. But I do not like dark green.
Siddu: I do not mind dark green. But I hate red.

Siddu: Do you like noodles? I love to eat   it. I’m fond of it.
Ram: Really? Some how I dislike it. I detest some of these fast foods. They harm our health.
Siddu: That’s true. Eating them now and then is OK. But not always.
Ram: I am fond of sweets.
Siddu: I really love something sweet. Let’s have something hot now. Which one you like to have? Coffee or tea?
Ram: I always prefer tea.

Siddu: Hi!
Ram: It seems you have quite many pet animals in your house.
Siddu: Yah! We all love to have pet dogs and birds except cats. They look pretty and cute.
Ram: I too am quite reluctant to have them, because it is believed that their hair is dangerous and cause infections.

Siddu: Would you like to watch the Zimbo circus?
Ram: No, I do not really feel like watching it.
Siddu: Do you like watching a movie at home?
Ram: I do not mind. A comedy film would be better.
Siddu: I too enjoy comedy films.
Published date : 29 Sep 2010 04:36PM

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