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Expressing gratitude, accepting invitations

In the social context there are occasions where you need to invite people to various events. Events may include both formal and informal. How do you deal with them? How do you invite people to dinner/ to watch a movie and so on? How do you respond and make invitations, when your boss asks you to give a welcome address in a meeting. Are you familiar with those expressions? Here are some of the common expressions that you can use when making /responding / declining an invitation.

Read the following informal conversations:
Siddu: Would you like to come to the musical concert, in the town?
Ram: It’s a great idea. Its long I ve been waiting for such one. Thank you so much for the proposal
Siddu: what about you Nishi?
Nishi: I’ m sorry. I can not come. I have to attend my friend’s party. Thank you for inviting.

Siddu: I’m very happy to invite both of you to the dinner at my house on Sunday.
Abhi: Thank you so much. I’m happy to join with you on the day.
Nishi: Thank you. How about going to a movie in the evening?
Siddu: No, I cannot come. I will be with guests.

Siddu: we are going to Sunny’s birthday party.
Would you like to come with us?
Abhi: Sure, Thanks.
Siddu: How do you fancy going to the beach on the day?
Abhi: That sounds good. But I have an appointment with my doctor.

Some formal conversations:
d(an employee with his boss)
Siddu: Sir, I would like to invite you to my son’s birthday.
Boss: Thank you so much for the invitation. I’m glad to be there. When is it?
Siddu: It is on coming Monday.
Boss: I’m so sorry. I have a meeting on the day. My wishes are with your son.
(inviting a guest)
Siddu: We have planned to celebrate our annual day on 16th of this month.
We would like to invite you as our guest. It would be an honour for us to have your presence with us on the day.
Guest: Thank you so much for the invitation. I will be definitely there on the day.
(In an official meeting)

At the beginning…
  • It’s a great pleasure to invite you all. /
  • I deem it an honour to invite you all. /
  • I’m glad to invite you all.
While inviting the guests on to dais/ extending invitation individually…

  • May I now request………to grace his/the chair/ to come on to the dais
  • My warm / hearty welcome to….
Inviting Examples…
Informal expressions…
  • Will you come with me to…
  • How about going to…
  • How would you like to / would you like to
  • I was wondering if you would …
  • How about going to
  • How do you fancy going to
  • I was just wondering if you would like to

Formal expressions…
  • I would like to invite / welcome you to
  • I’m glad to invite you
  • It is a pleasure / honour to….
  • Would you like to join us for
  • We'd be glad to have you accompany us . . .
  • We'd be delighted/honored to have you as our guest at . . .

  • Yes, please.
  • Sure/ Okay Thank you
  • Okay. Sounds good.
  • Sure. I'd love to.
  • Yeah. Good idea
  • All right. Thanks
  • Looks good/ sounds good, thanks
  • Great. What time?
  • All right. When and where?
  • That's very kind of you, thanks.
  • That sounds lovely, thank you.

  • I can't. I have to work/ I have an appointment.
  • I'm busy ...
  • That's very kind of you, but actually I'm …
  • I'd love to, but I'm already ….
  • I'm really sorry, but I've got something else on.
  • I really don't think I can
  • I’m sorry. I have other plans.
  • I don’t want to come, because…

Structure practice
will you have/would you like + noun:
Note that “do you want” is not an invitation but asking for preference/ willingness
  • Will/would/could you…?
Used in informal / personal contexts
  • Would you like to…?
Used in formal / official contexts
Published date : 29 Sep 2010 04:35PM

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