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Global Job Layoffs To Continue; Google to Follow Meta and Amazon

Tech giant Google's parent company Alphabet plans to lay off 10,000 employees due to poor performance.

The removal process will start soon. After IT giants like Twitter, Meta and Amazon, Google has recently joined the list of prominent companies that are laying off employees. Google is reportedly ready to lay off 6 percent of its workforce. That means about 10 thousand people will be sent home on the pretext of performance. 

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The Google intends to remove the lowest ranked employees from the company. According to the information report, managers of the organization were asked to analyze and rank the employees. Alphabet may use these ratings to avoid paying out new performance system bonuses and stock grants, the report said. However, Alphabet did not respond on this.

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Around 1,87,000 employees are working under Alphabet. Median compensation for an Alphabet employee last year was about $295,884, according to a U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission filing.

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Published date : 22 Nov 2022 06:33PM

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