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4590 Backlog Posts: Huge No. of Vacancies in Telangana

There is a significant backlog in the recruitment process for state government jobs, with numerous positions remaining unfilled despite extensive notifications and recruitment efforts. Many candidates possessing similar qualifications are being selected for multiple job roles, leading to a surplus of approximately 10% in each category.
Backlog vacancies in Telangana

The lack of coordination among recruitment departments and simultaneous job counseling across various categories exacerbates the issue. Additionally, candidates who secure multiple job offers often leave vacancies unfilled upon selecting one position, further contributing to the problem.

  • There are 1,810 vacancies for Gurukul jobs.
  • Approximately 2,000 constable positions are still open.
  • Around 780 positions in the medical department are yet to be filled.

This situation necessitates the issuance of new notifications to address the remaining vacancies and initiate the replacement process. It's worth noting that over 10% of vacancies in categories such as Gurukula institutions, police constables, staff nurses, and medical officers remain vacant despite recent recruitment notifications.

4590 Vacancies

Out of a total of 33,000 government job positions, 4,590 remain vacant. While 8,820 positions in Gurukula Educational Institutions and 7,000 staff nurse positions have been filled, 1,810 Guru positions, nearly 2,000 constable positions, and 780 medical officer positions are still open.

Historically, a requisition system was employed to fill vacancies, allowing unfilled positions to be filled by the next eligible candidates. However, this system faced challenges due to transparency issues and legal concerns, leading to its discontinuation after 2018.

The recent adoption of a new zonal system in recruitment notifications has omitted the requisition process, preventing the filling of remaining positions under the same notification. Although discussions have taken place regarding the reinstatement of the requisition system, no decision has been reached yet.

As a result, backlog vacancies persist, requiring the issuance of new notifications to address them. While ongoing recruitment efforts continue, clarity on the status of vacancies resulting from previous notifications may take some time to emerge.

Published date : 29 Mar 2024 05:44PM

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