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Management students should adapt regular and real time learning attitude- Professor G. Raghuram, Director - IIM- Bangalore

Management Studies..... Need to be changed
The number of management studies, aspirants is increasing every year. The opinion of getting jobs easily with management degree may be the reason, for this. Students have to hone their skills and management techniques to get over in the corporate world, nationally and internationally. “In India, the curriculum of management studies need to be changed accordingly”, says Professor G. Raghuram, Director- IIM- Bangalore- one of the premier management institutes of India. He had four decades of teaching experience in America, Canada, Singapore, along with India. He served many government organizations especially with experiments in Logistics. Here, he shares his views and opinions about management studies, in his exclusive interview with Sakshi.

Along with the specialization…
Most of the students prefer to get knowledge of their specializations alone. But, according to the present scenario, they have to acquire knowledge on other areas along with the specialization. It will be helpful to get habituated with corporate companies in the future. Honing the skills in their specialized areas at post graduate level will make them to excel in full-fledged manner. IIM- Bangalore is offering various programmes along with special part-time programmes.

Curriculum should be changed
If the students are to get skills in various areas, the curriculum should be changed first. Curriculum should be designed in such a way that the candidates' skills are to be developed, that are relevant to their specialization, by considering Industry needs. Changes are to be made in the curriculum, to get awareness for the business executives about the actual situation. Proposals of AICTE regarding MBA course and teaching are welcomed. It is to be taken care to implement the changes in all universities and the evaluation mechanism is to set up. Then only, the result of the curriculum-change can be attained.

Importance of practicality:
Management students should give importance to practicality. For this, they have to concentrate on industry visits, analysis of real time case-studies. This is the major difference in management studies of India and abroad. Most of the teaching is carried out through orientation courses there. Measures are to be taken to implement such orientation here too. Some B- Schools are giving importance to practicality in their own way. But, B- Schools of remaining universities need to change a lot.

IIM-Act will help
The act of autonomy to IIMs will help the institutes. It will give liberty to recruit international faculty and to attract foreign students. It will result to move ahead in the international rankings. It also stops the brain-drain. It is not correct to say that the autonomy will lead to fee-hike in IIMs. Students are getting number of benefits in the form of scholarships and financial assistance accordingly. If they utilize them properly, then the burden of fee-hike never arises.

Giving back to society:
Management students should think about social issues also. They should adapt -giving back to society-attitude. Many number of MBA students are starting social -startups. It is a welcome change. But the number is to be increased. The future of management students will be bright if they move ahead by adapting regular and real time learning attitude. If they get offer letters after completing the course also, they have to upgrade their skills to continue in the job. Then, they can emerge as 'the best' in their career.
Published date : 11 Aug 2018 03:34PM

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