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Indus Valley/ Harappan Civilization Important Questions for Group-1 and 2 Prelims (As Per New Questions Pattern)

Indus Valley/ Harappan Civilization

Harappan Civilization is one of the important topics for competitive exams – UPSC Civils, APPSC, TSPSC group-1 and 2 exams. Check below some of the important questions for prelims exams. Keep visiting this space for key on a later day.

The Egyptian civilization in the Nile basin, the Mesopotamia civilization between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, and the Chinese civilization in the Hoyangho basin are considered to be the oldest civilizations in the world. But the Indus Civilization was also recognized as the oldest civilization in the world due to the excavations done in 1921 in the Harappan region in present day Pakistan's Punjab. 

The first excavations related to this took place in the Harappa region. Hence it is called Harappan Civilization. It was in this civilization that the first cities were started in the history of India. Physically, the Indus cities have merged over time, but the culture of that time has not ended. It continues to be a part of our cultures even today.
The Indus Civilization had a wider scope than the contemporary world civilizations. It covers about 1.3 million sq km in India. Spread over the area. In this connection, 1400 settlements have been discovered in India and Pakistan. It is known as the Indus Civilization or Indus Valley Civilization because it flourished mainly in the basins of the Indus River and its five tributaries, the Ravi, Beas, Sutlej, Jhelum, and Chenab. The boundaries of this civilization extended from Alanghirpur in the east to Sutkajender in the west, from Manda in the north to Daimabad in the south.

  1. Superficial evidence of horse is found at 
  2. Evidence of 6 granaries are found at 
  3. Painting on a jar resembling the story of the cunning Fox in Panchatantra is found at
  4. Which site is on the confluence of Bhogava and Sabarmati River?
  5. Decorative bricks used in flooring are found only at which site?
  6. The only Harappan city without a citadel? 
  7. Roper is located on which river?
  8. Giant water reserve is found at
  9. The place where the evidence of a burying dog below human is found at
  10. Which site shows all 3 phases of Harappan culture?
  11. Suktagendor found on which river?
  12. Impression of a cloth on a trough is found at 
  13. Banawal is on which river?
  14. Evidence of double burial found at?
  15. Harappa is located on which river?
  16. Kalibangan is located on which river?
  17. Bones of camel was found at?
  18. Ivory scale was found at?
  19. Rangpur is located on which river?
  20. An incised female figure has been found at?
  21. Which animal is not present on seals and terracotta art?
  22. Ploughed field was found at ...
  23. Inscription with 10 large sized signs of Harappan script was found at 
  24. A stone cut reservoir was found at 
  25. Copper elephant was found at
Published date : 30 May 2023 05:49PM

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