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List of Countries with Nuclear Weapons

A nuclear weapon is the most powerful form of explosive. A single modern nuclear weapon carries the power of 100,000 (or more) tons of TNT.
Nuclear Weapons

Thermonuclear weapons, often referred to as Hydrogen bombs, are nuclear weapons in which their extreme explosive powers are obtained through the process of nuclear fusion. There are two types of nuclear weapons - fission bombs use fission alone, whereas thermonuclear bombs use fission to ignite fusion. Both types of weapons produce huge numbers of nuclear reactions in a very short time. The following countries have officially declared possessing nuclear weapons.

Nuclear Weapons Equipped Countries

  • United States: 5,550 Warheads, 1054 Tests
  • Russia: 6,250 Warheads, 715 Tests
  • United Kingdom: 225 Warheads, 45 Tests
  • France: 290 Warheads, 210 Tests
  • China: 350 Warheads, 45 Tests
  • India: 160 Warheads, 6 Tests
  • Pakistan: 165 Warheads, 6 Tests
  • North Korea: 45 Warheads, 6 Tests
  • Israel: 90 Warheads

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Published date : 04 Mar 2022 03:37PM

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