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All about NATO you should know!!

NATO was formed largely to counter the threat from the Soviet Union post World War II. The USSR had created its own military alliance in 1955 to counter NATO, called the Warsaw pact. Warsaw got disbanded with the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1990 and several of Warsaw pact countries became NATO members. 

All about NATO!

•    NATO's full form is North Atlantic Treaty Organisation. 
•    NATO is a military alliance that was formed in 1949 by 12 countries, including the US, Canada, the UK and France.
•    NATO alliance has a total of 30 member countries - 2 North American countries, 27 European countries and 1 Eurasian country.
•    An attack on one member state is considered as an attack on all 
•    NATO's headquarters are located in located in Brussels, Belgium.
•    Russia wants NATO to bar Ukraine from joining NATO
•    Russia wants NATO to cease its military activities in Eastern Europe, claiming that the Western powers are using the alliance to encroach on Russia. NATO rejected this saying that only a small number of its member states actually share border with Russia.

List of NATO Member Countries

NATO Members

Joining Date

Albania  2009
Belgium   1949
Bulgaria  2004
Canada    1949
Croatia  2009
Czech Republic  1999
Denmark 1949
Estonia 2004
France 1949
Germany  1955
Greece  1952
Hungary 1999
Iceland 1949
Italy 1949
Latvia 2004
Lithuania 2004
Luxembourg   1949
Montenegro  2017
Netherlands  1949
North Macedonia  2020
Norway  1949
Poland  1999
Portugal  1949
Romania  2004
Slovakia  2004
Slovenia  2004
Spain  1982
Turkey  1952
The United Kingdom  1949
The United States  1949

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