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Who was awarded Gandhi Peace Prize 2020?

The Ministry of Culture stated that the Indian government has awarded Bangabandhu Sheikh MujiburRahman to the Gandhi Peace Prize 2020. The 2019 Peace Prize was awarded to the late Sultan Qaboos bin Said Al-Said His of Oman.
  • The Peace Prize was awarded before the Indian Prime Minister NarendraModi (NarendraModi) planned to visit Dhaka on March 26, 2021. He will participate in the celebration of the 100th birthday of Bangabandhu Sheikh MujiburRahman (Bangabandhu Sheikh MujiburRahman).
  • He was the first president and later became the prime minister of Bangladesh. He is called the "father of the nation" or "Mujib". He was assassinated on August 15, 1975.
  • Sultan Qaboos, the winner of the Gandhi Peace Prize in 2019, is the longest-serving leader in the modern Arab world. He died in January 2020. The last two years of this year (i.e. 2019 and 2020) won the Peace Prize. In 2018, it was announced for the past four years.
  • The Gandhi Peace Prize is the International Holy Land Peace Prize, named after Mahatma Gandhi. The award is awarded by the Government of India. It was expressed as a tribute to Gandhi's ideals.
  • The award was established in 1995 on the occasion of the 125th anniversary of Mohandas Gandhi.
  • This annual award is given to individuals and institutions to recognize their contributions to political, social and economic transformation through non-violence and other Gandhian ideals.
  • It consists of ten million rupees in cash, a plaque and a citation. The award is open to everyone, regardless of race, nationality, gender or beliefs.
Published date : 24 Mar 2021 05:52PM