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Basra IIIT gets lower grade from NAAC!

It is known that the National Assessment and Accreditation Committee team visited Basra in 2021. NAAC grades are determined by examining the status, infrastructure, teaching, extracurricular activities, and research in higher education. As part of this, Basra IIIT was awarded a 'C' grade and included the committee certificate on its website.
Basara IIIT
NAAC Accreditation to Basra TripleIT

Thousands of students compete every year for admission in Telangana Basra IIIT. Those who entered the varsity with high hopes were disappointed by the NAAC grade this time. There have been criticisms that the VC was not fully available when the NAAC team toured the varsity, along with the manner of local officials. It is also being argued that the manner in which the varsity officials have explained to the committee is incorrect. UGC (University Grant Commission) funding is based on NAAC grade. It is on the basis of this grade that multinational companies participate in campus placements and the varsity gains national recognition. The certificate obtained by the student from the varsity is also considered as a high profile. They are all frustrated that the varsity is getting a lower grade recognition.

Published date : 03 Jan 2022 02:53PM

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