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NASA Appoints New Chief for Artificial Intelligence

NASA Appoints New Chief for Artificial Intelligence
  • NASA has given a new role to David Salvagnini as the agency’s Chief Artificial Intelligence (AI) Officer. This is an addition to his current job as Chief Data Officer. The appointment shows NASA’s commitment to using AI technology responsibly.
  • NASA has been using different AI tools for a long time to support its missions and research projects. AI helps analyze data, find patterns, and develop systems that can work on their own to control spacecraft and aircraft.
  • NASA is developing ways to use emerging AI technology for its goals and missions. AI can help analyze images from Earth science, search for data on planets outside our solar system, schedule communications for Mars rovers, and more.
  • Before Salvagnini, NASA’s Chief Scientist Kate Calvin served as the acting official for responsible AI. With Salvagnini leading AI efforts, NASA aims to embrace new technology responsibly for space exploration and scientific discoveries that benefit humanity.

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Published date : 16 May 2024 05:28PM

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