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NMC to launch “one nation, one registration platform ’‘for doctors

NMC to launch “one nation, one registration platform ’‘for doctors
NMC to launch “one nation, one registration platform ’‘for doctors
  • In a significant development, the National Medical Commission (NMC) has embarked on a mission to assign a unique identification number to every doctor in the country by the end of 2024. The cornerstone of this initiative is the creation of the National Medical Register (NMR), which will serve as a centralized repository for doctors practicing in India. This move is expected to streamline the healthcare sector and enhance transparency.

  • A pilot project for the National Medical Register (NMR) is set to be launched within the next six months, and the full-scale implementation is slated for completion by the end of 2024.

  • Dr. Yogendra Malik, a member of the Ethics and Medical Registration Board of the NMC, provided insights into this ambitious project.

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Key Features of the NMR

  • The NMR will replace the existing Indian Medical Register (IMR) and will be accessible to the public through the NMC’s website. It will offer comprehensive information about registered doctors, including:

  • Unique Identification Number (UID): Each doctor will be assigned a unique identification number.

  • Registration Number: The doctor’s registration number for verification.

  • Name and Place of Work: Details of the doctor’s name and workplace.

  • Qualifications: Information about the doctor’s educational qualifications.

  • Specialization: The doctor’s area of expertise.

  • Institute/University: The name of the institution or university where the qualifications were obtained.

Published date : 02 Nov 2023 05:11PM

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