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Indian Historical Records Commission Adopts New Logo And Motto

Indian Historical Records Commission Adopts New Logo And Motto  IndianHistoricalRecordsCommission
  • Indian Historical Records Commission (IHRC) adopted a new logo and motto on Thursday. The design for logo and motto submitted by Shaurya Pratap Singh from Delhi was selected by the IHRC. The commission received a total 436 designs for logo and motto through an online competition that was launched in 2023 on MyGov portal.
  • The logo signifies the theme and uniqueness of IHRC. The pages in the shape of lotus petals represent IHRC as the resilient nodal institution for maintaining historical records. The Sarnath pillar in the middle represents India’s glorious past. Its brown colour theme reinforces the organization’s mission of preserving, studying and honouring India’s historical records.
  • The motto holds great significance for the IHRC, it translates as where history is preserved for the future. The motto reflects the Commission’s commitment to ensuring the safeguarding of historical documents and making these accessible for the benefit of present and future generations.

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Published date : 27 Apr 2024 03:34PM

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