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India Offers To Install Green Hydrogen Production Facility As Per Global Demand

India Offers To Install Green Hydrogen Production Facility As Per Global Demand
  • New and Renewable Energy Secretary Bhupinder Singh Bhalla has underscored the country’s determination to play a pivotal role in the global hydrogen economy.
  • Addressing the World Hydrogen Summit 2024 in Rotterdam, Netherlands,he assured the delegates of India’s capability to meet any scale of production demand for green hydrogen, provided there is sufficient market demand and support.
  • India’s position as a global leader in renewable energy affordability, emphasizing the nation’s low cost of renewable energy.
  • India’s integrated grid infrastructure as a key enabler for the seamless integration of renewable energy sources into the national energy mix.
  • The Summit audience that this integrated grid not only enhances grid stability and reliability but also enables the strategic placement of renewable energy plants, optimising efficiency and minimizing the need for long-distance transportation and storage of hydrogen.
  • India’s abundant pool of skilled engineers serves as a cornerstone for the successful implementation of renewable energy and green hydrogen projects.
  • The country’s installed electricity capacity from non-fossil-fuel sources is projected to increase by 50 per cent by 2030 in line with the country’s commitment to transitioning towards sustainable energy sources. He informed that currently around 43 per cent of the country’s installed electricity capacity is from non-fossil-fuel sources.

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Published date : 18 May 2024 03:18PM

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