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India Advances in Drone Warfare with Nagastra-1 Deployment

India Advances in Drone Warfare with Nagastra-1 Deployment
  • India has achieved a significant milestone in its defense capabilities with the induction of the indigenous Nagastra-1 kamikaze drones developed by Solar Industries, based in Nagpur. This deployment addresses the escalating drone-related incidents along India’s Northern borders, highlighting the critical need for advanced indigenous drone technologies in combat applications.
  • The Indian Army has procured 480 units of the Nagastra-1 Loiter Munition from Economics Explosives Ltd (EEL), a subsidiary of Solar Industries, under an emergency purchase agreement.
  • The advent of Nagastra-1 underscores India’s strategic advancement in utilizing drones as force multipliers in military operations. Globally, drones have proven their effectiveness in conflicts such as the Armenia-Azerbaijan war and the ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict. The deployment of Nagastra-1 marks a crucial step towards bolstering India’s defense technology sector and achieving self-reliance in critical defense capabilities.

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Published date : 19 Jun 2024 10:21AM

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