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Global Cyber security Outlook 2022

The World Economic Forum recently published the Global Cyber security Outlook 2022.
Global Cyber security Outlook 2022
Global Cyber security Outlook 2022

In 2021, the ransom ware attacks have increased by 151%. Each organization faced 270 cyber-attacks on an average.
A successful organization that breached cyber-attacks spent 3.6 million USD.
59% of the cyber leaders believe that there is no difference between cyber resilience and cyber security. Cyber security is providing protection to the computers, data storages and internet. Cyber resilience is anticipating and adapting to cyber-attacks. There is no anticipation component in cyber security. It is an overall protection. Cyber resilience knows its enemy. And cyber security doesn’t.
According to the report, the following two factors have the highest influence on cyber security

  1. Automation and machine learning: 48%
  2. Remote and hybrid work environment: 28%
Published date : 21 Jan 2022 05:12PM

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