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US, Papua New Guinea signs new security pact to increase regional stability

US, Papua New Guinea signs new security pact to increase regional stability
  • The United States signed a new security pact with Papua New Guinea on Monday as it competes with China for influence in the Pacific. The State Department said the new agreement provides a framework to help improve security cooperation, enhance the capacity of Papua New Guinea’s defense force and increase regional stability. The full agreement will be made public once politicians in both countries have an opportunity for input, likely in a couple of months.
  • The U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken told US has deeply invested in the Indo-Pacific because planet’s future is being written here. Papua New Guinea is playing a critical role in shaping that future.
  • Papua New Guinea Prime Minister James Marape said the pact is mutually beneficial and “secures our national interests” in “becoming a robust economy in this part of the world.
  • But the agreement sparked student protests in the second-largest city, Lae. And many in the Pacific are concerned about the increasing militarization of the region.
  • Papua New Guinea’s location just north of Australia makes it strategically significant. It was the site of fierce battles during World War II, and with a population of nearly 10 million people, it’s the most populous Pacific Island nation.


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Published date : 25 May 2023 08:09PM

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