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UAE Announces 10 Year Blue Residency Visa To Environment Contributors

UAE Announces 10 Year Blue Residency Visa To Environment Contributors
  • The United Arab Emirates, home to a large Indian population of over 3.8 million, has announced a new visa program offering long-term residency to individuals, who significantly contribute to environmental protection and sustainability efforts.
  • The 10-year Blue Residency Visa aims to attract and retain global leaders in environmental research, activism, and technological solutions.
  • This visa category extends beyond the UAE’s borders, welcoming those who champion sustainability initiatives worldwide. Successful applicants can include members of international environmental organizations, award-winning researchers, and distinguished activists.
  • The Blue Residency Visa stands in contrast to the UAE’s standard two-year residency permits.
  • It joins previously established programs like the Golden Visa, offering a decade-long residency to investors, entrepreneurs, and specialists, and the Green Visa, granting five years to skilled professionals and business owners.
  • The Blue Residency Visa coincides with the UAE’s ongoing Year of sustainability, a national commitment extending the focus on environmental initiatives and the landmark UAE consensus established during COP28, the UN Climate Change Conference held in Dubai last December.

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Published date : 18 May 2024 03:20PM

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