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Tajikistan Government Bans Hijab and Other ‘Alien Garments’

Tajikistan Government Bans Hijab and Other ‘Alien Garments’
  • The upper house of the Tajikistan parliament, Majlisi Milli, passed a law prohibiting “alien garments,” which primarily targets the hijab and other traditional Islamic clothing.
  • The lower chamber, Majlisi Namoyandagon, had passed the bill on May 8. This move has sparked debate among Tajikistan’s predominantly Muslim population in the tightly governed ex-Soviet republic.
  • Tajikistan has been unofficially restricting the hijab since 2007. Initially, the Ministry of Education banned Islamic attire and Western-style miniskirts for students, later extending this to all public institutions. Enforcement included special teams and police raids, although officials have denied reports of women being fined for wearing the hijab.

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Published date : 25 Jun 2024 05:49PM

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