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Sweden Tops, India at 63rd Rank on Global Energy Transition Index: WEF

Sweden Tops, India at 63rd Rank on Global Energy Transition Index: WEF
  • According to the Global Energy Transition Index released by the World Economic Forum (WEF) on 19 June 2024, India has been ranked 63rd out of 120 countries, improving three ranks from last year’s 67th position. Sweden has again topped the Index, reflecting its continued leadership in energy transition. The WEF highlighted India’s significant advancements in energy equity, security, and sustainability.
  • The Global Energy Transition Index, published annually by the WEF in association with Accenture, evaluates nations’ progress and preparedness in building an equitable, secure, and sustainable energy future. It tracks government policies and their effectiveness in reducing carbon dioxide emissions, promoting non-fossil-based power sources, and enhancing energy efficiency.
  • European nations dominate the 2024 Index’s top ranks:
    1. Sweden
    2. Denmark
    3. Finland
    4. Switzerland
    5. France
  • China is ranked 20th, while India stands at 63rd. The report indicates that 107 out of 120 countries have shown progress in their energy transition over the past decade, despite challenges such as economic volatility and geopolitical tensions.

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Published date : 25 Jun 2024 05:48PM

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