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Cheetah going to be to back in India after 74 years

Cheetah  going to be  to back in India after 74 years
Cheetah going to be to back in India after 74 years
  • Cheetahs are coming back to India! Coming From Namibia by special flight to their new home Kuno National Park in Madhya Pradesh.
  • India is going to be home once again to the majestic presence of cheetah, the world’s fastest land animal.
  • State government of Madhya Pradesh has declared Kuno as a National Park. It is underway to become second home for Asiatic lions. Recently, Supreme Court mentioned that African Cheetah from Namibia can be introduced in India.
  • KunoPalpur Wildlife Sanctuary is underway to become India’s second home for the Asiatic lion.
  • It is to prevent decline, and possible extinction, in a single habitat due to natural disasters, epidemics, decline in prey or retaliatory killings.
  • Kuno’s habitats have been fine-tuned for these new entrants with abundant populations of herbivores like nilgai, chital, sambhar and chinkara, who are the lions’ natural prey.
  • Geographically, Kuno also features the same kind of semi-arid vegetation in Gir, as it is under the same biogeographic zone. This should make the transition more seamless for the lions.
  • The introduction of lions at Kuno is happening 29 years after it was first proposed.

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Published date : 17 Sep 2022 06:06PM

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