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India’s unemployment rate falls to 7.6% in March from 8.1% in Feb 2022

Indias unemployment rate falls
Indias unemployment rate falls
  • As per the data from the Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy (CMIE), the overall unemployment rate in India fell to 7.6 per cent in March 2022. This rate was 8.10 per cent in February 2022. The report also stated that though the overall unemployment rate in the country is falling, it is still high for a “poor” country like India. The decrease in the ratio shows that the economy is getting back on track after being hit by COVID-19 for two years.
  • Haryana recorded the highest unemployment rate in March 2022, at 26.7 per cent. It was followed by Rajasthan (25%) and Jammu and Kashmir (25 %), Bihar (14.4%), Tripura (14.1%) and West Bengal (5.6%). Karnataka and Gujarat registered the least unemployment rate at 1.8.percent each in March 2022. CMIE is a Mumbai-based independent non-government entity that serves both as an economic think-tank as well as a business information company.
Published date : 05 Apr 2022 07:35PM

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