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India Records Positive Growth Among Top 5 World Steel Producers in April

India Records Positive Growth Among Top 5 World Steel Producers in April
  • India is the only country among the world’s top five crude steel producers to record positive growth in April 2024, according to the World Steel Association. India, the second-largest crude steel producer globally, achieved a growth rate of 3.9% compared to April 2023.
  • World crude steel production in April 2024 was 155.7 million tonnes, a 5.0% decrease from April 2023. China, the largest steel producer, saw a 7.2% decline to 85.9 million tonnes. Japan, the third-largest producer, registered a 2.5% decline to 7.1 million tonnes. The United States, the fourth-largest producer, produced 6.7 million tonnes, a 2.8% decline. Russia, the fifth-largest producer, experienced a 5.7% decline to 6.2 million tonnes.
  • India’s modern steel industry began in 1875 with the Kulti plant near Kolkata. Jamsetji Tata established India’s first modern steel plant, Tata Steel, in Jamshedpur in 1907.
  • The World Steel Association, a non-profit organization representing around 85% of global steel production, was established in 1967 as the International Iron and Steel Institute. It was renamed the World Steel Association in 2008 and is headquartered in Brussels, Belgium.

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Published date : 25 May 2024 05:23PM

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