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Register at COAPto get M. Tech admission in IITs

Do you want M. Tech admission in IITs, do you want to apply for a job in PSU? Then you have to register at COAP. Let us know what is COAP and the latest changes in its schedule.
COAP is Common Offer Acceptance Portal. It provides a common platform for the registered candidates to make the most preferred choice for admission into an M.Tech. Programme in the participating Institutes or job offer from participating Public Sector Units (PSU’s).

COAP refers to Common Offer Acceptance Portal, on which all Participating Institutes / PSU’s will upload their offers in a common time window as specified.

Salient features of COAP
  • The registered candidates can access the admission / job offers by registering at COAP from all the participating institutes / PSU’s where they have applied for M.Tech admissions / jobs.
  • For admission into M.Tech program in any of the participating institutes or applying for a job in any participating PSU, every candidate should also apply to the corresponding Institute/ PSU.
  • To understand the mechanism of looking at all the available offers and making a specific choice out of the offers, the candidates are advised to read the guidelines and then register at COAP 2020.
  • COAP is not an Application Portal for M.Tech admission in any participating institute. Candidates should apply separately to the respective Institute(s) for M.Tech admission / PSU for the job.
  • Each participating Institute / PSU will follow the selection procedure as per the norms and guidelines of the respective Institute.
  • To access and make a decision on the most preferred choice out of the offers (if any) made by participating Institute(s), each candidate should register at COAP.
  • COAP registration is completely free. Note that providing COAP registration number has been made mandatory by the participating institutes in their M.Tech application portals.

  • Candidate must be an Indian National.
  • Candidate should have a valid GATE score (Qualified in GATE 2020/2019/ 2018).

Participating Institutes/ PSU's upload their offers (seats/ jobs) during some prefixed dates and the registered candidates can choose any one of the available offers, during each round of offers. A candidate can select maximum of one offer out of all available offers in each round. Candidates will have the following THREE options in each main round.
  1. Option 1- 'Accept and Freeze'
  2. Option 2- 'Retain and Wait'
  3. Option 3- 'Reject and Wait

Registration for COAP 2020
  • To register at COAP 2020, A candidate must have the following data i) Name, ii) GATE Registration number(s), iii) Valid GATE score(s), iv) Date of birth, v) Email ID, vi) Mobile number.
  • Only those candidates who have qualified in GATE 2020/2019/2018 and wish to apply for M.Tech. admission in any of the participating institutes / PSUs job offers are eligible to register at COAP 2020. After successful completion of registration at COAP, a candidate will be able to access information on offers made by the participating Institutes. Offers will be uploaded by the participating Institutes / PSU’s at COAP and will be tagged with COAP registration number.
  • Registration will only be successful, when a candidate completes the log-in procedure with the help of the input received via Email / SMS. Email will contain website URL for logging-in along with the log-in ID. SMS will contain the password.
  • Candidates are advised to enter all valid GATE scores (GATE 2020, GATE 2019, GATE 2018), if any, while filling the application. Otherwise click on SUBMIT button to complete the registration process.
  • The application process to COAP 2020 is complete only after clicking the "SUBMIT" button at the first time login to the candidates login account.

Important dates:
Main rounds
  • Round 1: May 27–28
  • Round 2: June 3–4
  • Round 3: June 10–11
  • Round 4: June 17–18
  • Round 5: June 24–25

Extra rounds
  • Round A: July 1–2;
  • Round B: July 8–9;
  • Round C and D dates are to be announced.

Is it necessary for a candidate to register at COAP?
Yes. All participating institutes will seek COAP registration number on their M.Tech. applications portal foradmissions. Candidates, who have applied for admission into M.Tech. Programme in any of the participatingacademic institutes, will receive admission offers via COAP only.

To access and make a decision on the most preferred choice out of the offers (if any) made by participatingInstitute(s), each candidate should register and visit COAP. Without registering at COAP, the candidate will notbe able to access the offers on COAP.

I have registered on the COAP portal in 2018 and/or 2019. Do I have to register again? Yes, you have to register again. COAP 2018/ 2019 registration is not valid for COAP 2020.

Can I apply for M.Tech. / Job to participating Institutes / PSUs through COAP?
No. COAP is not an M.Tech. Admission / Job Application Portal. Every candidate should apply separately torespective Institute(s) for M.Tech. Admission / PSU’s for jobs.

Who can register at this Common Offer Acceptance Portal (COAP)?
Candidates seeking M.Tech. admissions (and those who are applying) in any of the participating Institutes ofCOAP and possessing a valid GATE score (2020 and/or 2019 and/or 2018) can register at COAP.

I am an IIT Graduating / Graduated student. Can I register at this Common Offer Acceptance Portal(COAP)?
Case I: Candidates graduating / graduated from IITs who have a valid GATE score (2020 and/or 2019 and/or2018) and intend to apply for the Admission in the participating Institutes, then the candidate should register atCOAP with their valid GATE score(s).

Case II: Candidates graduating/ graduated from IITs with B.Tech. Degree and having CGPA (cumulative gradepoint average) of 8.0 (on a scale of 10) and above can directly apply to the respective Institutes for M.Techadmission. They should not register at COAP.

I am a Foreign National with valid qualified GATE score. Can I register at COAP?
No. Candidates of Foreign Nationality need not register at COAP.

I am a sponsored/ defense sponsored candidate. Can I register at COAP?
If you have a valid GATE score, you may register at COAP.

I am a candidate under the Quality Improvement Programme (QIP). Can I register at COAP?
If you have a valid GATE score, you may register at COAP.

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Published date : 15 May 2020 01:47PM

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